At Founded, one of our key initiatives is ensuring we make the legal aspects of your business seamless and simple. 

Introducing the Founded Dashboard - A beautiful, centralized area that will let you manage your company... Let's dive in! 

Logging into your Account

Login to your Founded account by pressing the 'Login' button in the the top right corner of the landing page. 

If you're already logged in, then the top right button will turn into a Dashboard button. 


Once you've logged in, you'll land on your Dashboard  - your centralized company management platform. 

In the main Dashboard screen, you'll be notified of documents that need to be signed, Pending Changes (with the opportunity to send reminder emails to those that haven't signed), Recent Activity, Tips, and Recent Documents.

Navigating Through the Founded Dashboard

Top Navigation

By clicking at the top of your Founded dashboard, you will be able to bring down the blue navigation bar and access other companies you manage (top left), company wide search (top right magnifying glass), and adjusting profile settings (top right icon with the person's head). Under profile settings, you can setup two factor authentication.

Left Column Navigation

The headings on the left side of your Founded Dashboard allow you to easily access documents, create and manage agreements, store important information, and stay organized. 

Let's take a closer look at the left-hand components:


Under this section you will have access to all of your company's most pertinent corporate information like:


This section allows users to view and manage important documents, shares, and ownership matters related to their business. You'll be able to dive into:


Users on Founded's Managed Corporation Plan will have access to automated contracts for both employees and contractors for their business. These agreements are dynamic and allow users to customize the agreement to fit their business's needs. Once an employee/contractor has been brought on, users can easily manage their employment directly from their dashboard. 


"Documents" on Founded is an area that allows users to manage a series of legal agreements as well as store all legal and business documents related to their business. Think of this as your business's online unlimited cloud storage! Other documents you can find (Managed Corporation Plan) include:


The last section in your dashboard is the "Settings" tab which gives users the administrative tools to manage their Founded account. Users will be able to: 

  • Review/Manage subscriptions
  • Review/Manage billing information and history
  • Review/Manage additional user rights and invites. 
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